Welcome to our HerHunar website

01. Who are we?

“HerHunar” is a social endeavor which striving to give skill to the poor women, and specially widows. HerHunar intends to provide a global network for the skilled women and connecting them with the national and international commercial market for the selling of their handicrafts

Through herhunar.com, we give an online commercial center to people related with handicrafts, artworks, and homemade items, independently or in sorted out gatherings. The point here is to associate the craftswomen legitimately with the market, removing the agents, consequently encouraging bailing the craftswomen to get the real benefits out of their items which they genuinely deserve. HerHunar is a stage which brings great purposes, moral organizations, and incredible individuals together to bring financial stability among women and specially widows.

Welcome to our HerHunar website

02. Vision

Excellence in Financial, intellectual, spiritual, social and physical Development of underprivileged women (specially Orphans and Widows) of the world, to please Allah Subhanahu Wa Taala.

Welcome to our HerHunar website

03. Mission

To focus on creating an excellence-driven, comprehensive, compassionate, free of charge and replicable technical education system accessible to all women without any discrimination of gender, race, ethnicity, and religion.

To be such an entity which give benefits to women and specially widows of the world
To follow the best ethical practices in all aspects of its operations, while following the Shariah and the Law of the Land.

To empower its employees for their spiritual, financial, physical, intellectual, social and professional development
To enhance and build human capacities through quality education, training and research.